Cameras and Cranksets

Thrills and Spills

Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on September 13, 2009

So far so good with this blogging lark (in my opinion anyway), wish I could say the same for my physical state this weekend.

After a good night at the Cluny and The Head of Steam on Friday with the usual supsects involving too much alcohol, terrible dancing (from me anyway), Marc showing his bollocks to the lass Tom was on a first date with (he’s a terrible person at times), almost getting into a fight with a couple of scumbag charvers over a girl (ending with the police being called) followed by a drunken ride home,  Saturday was most definately a late starter.  When my hangover finally cleared up enough to let my ride into town I grabbed my camera and peddled off to hangout in the glorious sunshine and enjoy a free latte from the nice folks at Pret (cheers guys).

Tom’s a proper little poser when you point a camera at him.


Dave enjoying the sunshine and it’s effects on peoples clothing (or girls lack of)


Mr Ross, without his balls on show thank god


There’s no way I can afford to shoot film with my machine gun approach to photography

Tom with his lovely old school 35mm

So after after a pint in the sunshine, it seemed like a good idea to go to a house/roof terrace party with Tom, and after a few drinks there it also seemed like a good idea to go clubbing too. So after getting home at some stupid time in a stupid state and having 3 hours sleep I was out of the door again camera bag on my back riding down to meet up outside the Malmaison before heading along the river to Wylam to watch the Tour of Britain race.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or that I might have still been a little under the influence, or that God just thought it would be f*cking funny, I caught my pedal riding up a curb right by the quayside market and was sent head first over the handlebars (aided by my rediculously heavy camera bag) landing in a heap on  the pavement with my bike on top of me and almost wanting to cry with the pain coming from my ribs and left knee.  After hobbling into the coffee bar/deli at the Mal to hide from all the people who thought it was the funniest thing they had seen in ages and for a sausage sandwich I met up with my sympothetic mates (not in the slightest) and headed off up the Tyne a physical wreck


After some pissing about on the way, and even making some new friends, we finally got there and saw the tour riders

Tour of Britain through Wylam

Followed quite quickly by

pain reliefTo help with the pain!! honestly

From Wylam we headed back to Newcastle via Crawcrook, for those who have never visited it the best thing about it is the fact fact that the ride back to Newcastle is pretty much all down hill.  The second best is this sign

How quaint

Once back in town and having refueled on coffee and cake it was over to the lovely flat square outside Baltic for another fool around (on the bikes not with each other) and some more photos.


Tony working on his circus skills

Marc designs T-shirts, I don't know if he did this one tho

too easy

Dave finds riding backwards really easy, even pulling off backwards one foot endos!!!

maybe being tee total and therefore not hungover helps

So easy we had to build him a special bike just to give him a new challenge – front wheel drive fixed gear!!

custom build


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