Cameras and Cranksets

Where sheep go to die……. (according to the locals)

Posted in Art work, Graffiti by Richard on November 8, 2009

and where the Agents of Change go and paint.

Recently myself and Danny from Breaks of 10 were told of some exciting goings on in Scotland at an abandoned village.  So I grabbed my camera while Danny revved up the 4×4 and a ROAD TRIP was on!!!  And what an experience it was –  awesome art work in what resembled a post apocalyptic gulag, but set amongst the beauty of the west coast of Scotland.

Head over to the Breaks of 10 blog for more info into the artists and the history of the site after you have checked out the photos of the trip below.

Full Gallery from the trip is here










Full Gallery from the trip is here


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  1. stormie mills said, on November 19, 2009 at 5:11 am

    Hi Richard
    amazing shots, very talented. i especially liked the one of the windows all smashed up, it made me think of monsters teeth. i think you found all my characters, as well as a bunch of spots i’d make more if i ever had the chance to go back. thanks Stormie Mills

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