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Old dogs and new tricks

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on November 27, 2009

I had actually been planning to upload some nice pics of art shows and people riding fixed gear over the weekend as I’ve been a little slack on blogging lately, so on Friday when Danny – my partner in crime/road trips/drinking coffee/slacking off and going for a bike ride suggested we work on our respective blogs at his place after a quick peddle around town and a spot of lunch I was never going to stay at home, was I.  Though, if I had a crystal ball……..

Just around the corner from Chez Hughes, the road outside Dance City is covered in the smoothest tarmac in Newcastle and when it’s been raining it’s like skidding down a hill made from butter with a hot knife for a back tyre, seriously it’s absolutely perfect for fixed gear skids (I expect to see more of you there from now on).  So after about 10 runs down this I decided to start jumping down the steps outside Barn Asia to save my back tyre a little, and this was my undoing.  Now I could lie and say I was going big and  dropping the sets of 6&7 steps but it wouldn’t be a good idea as my Karma is pretty bad already it seems.  Nope it was just the sets of 2/3 steps but on a fixie I don’t think that’s too embarrassing (hopefully).

1st run – nice and smoove.

2nd run – and the ground came up towards my face very quickly.

Over the bars onto the ground, with the bike following closely behind due to being still strapped in, landing like a sack of spuds dropped from a ladder entirely onto my elbow.  Not my finest moment in life, but   I didnt cry or puke (until the next morning with a hangover anyway). Why do things by half, when you can break them into 3 pieces just like my collarbone.

If you also fancy going and breaking your collarbone my top tip would be NOT to wear 3 layers of clothing that all have to come off over your head – painfully!!!

Aside from my huge appreciation of the NHS staff who knocked me out, cut me open, fixed me, gave me pain killers, knocked me out again, cut me open again, fixed me some more, gave me more painkillers, I’d just like to give massive thanks to Danny for taking me to A&E (and for the poppets while we were there), and to Stella for taking me back the next morning to meet the man who would slice me open and waiting around for several hours early doors on a Saturday, and finally to Chris for picking me up at 7am from home on a Sunday to take me back to the NGH for my 3rd visit in 3 days.


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