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The ghosts of holidays past

Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on December 28, 2009

I went to Copenhagen for a few days a couple of years ago and took some photos which have since lingered on an external hard drive ever since.  It’s weird how at the time the time you don’t appreciate some of the photos you take, and it takes stumbling across them at a later date to make you realise that they are actually quite good.

Anyway, here’s a random mix of things.


Sleep when you’re dead….

Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on December 19, 2009

or until lunch time the next day anyway.

I’ve been shooting quite a bit of club night type stuff  lately for Red Bull and close friends who are promoters.  There’s actually some nice shots amongst the usual drunk people shots that I pretty pleased with and thought it would be a shame not to share with you.

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Once upon a time…

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on December 12, 2009

in a park not really that far away…..

With summer (and riding everyday with friends) being well and truely behind us for the next couple of months it’s time to have another look through the shots I took when I could wear shorts instead of thermals.

So first up from summer is a few of the shots that took one evening in Gosforth Park of the Newcastle Polo Team (??).  I’m personally not into playing, but it is fun to shoot. I’ll definitely go and take some more once the boys have found a new spot to play on over the winter, unless they decide to meet on a weekend.  I’d meant to post these just after I’d taken them, but the bottom line is I’m shit!

Enjoy the pics and the memories of better weather.



Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on December 1, 2009

No I’m not still trying to get sympathy over my sholder – I’ve given up on that as you’re all c*nts.

What I’m actually taking about is the fantastic Breaks of 10 blog that I want everyone to go and check out, as not only does it have some dodgy pictures by me but Tom and Danny do a fantastic job of keeping it updated with 100% original content that I’m sure will be of interest to you all.

The lastest post on Breaks of 10 is here and is all about French street art master’s show in Newcastle at Lazarides Gallery.