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Dualism Straps

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on April 19, 2010

I’ve been riding with these straps fitted since early February pretty much everyday and everywhere and I couldn’t be happier with them.  Hand made in Manchester by the very nice chap who is Richard Martins, and with probably some tea and biscuit based assistance from his other half Lei-Mai, they are a product of their love of riding fixed gear.

The straps themselves are a pretty simple but effective affair, with 2 heavy duty fabric straps running through the pedals and velcroing back onto themselves.  Yes there are loads of other ‘similar’ offerings out there – Jol, Hold Fast, Wig, etc but none of them do what these do at this price!  Not only are the well made with good materials, and they keep their shape really well making it super easier to get your feet in – no more reaching down to lift the straps up to get your feet in, but due to their ‘2 strap’ design you can adjust each length separately to get a perfect fit.

Get yourself some here


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