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Prefab77 at the printers

Posted in Art work, Photography, Screen Printing by Richard on May 8, 2012

Long time friends, regular clients and co-conspirators Prefab77 recently asked if I would come with them to the printers as their latest edition of 5 new prints were expertly produced.  It’s always great to see artists work being produced in front of you, especially when it’s of such a high standard.

See more pictures and info on the new work here

Pixels of Pancho

Posted in Art work, Graffiti, Photography by Richard on March 6, 2012

So I’m just back from a nice little pedal down to Hoults Yard in Newcastle to see how the first artist in this years series of the White Walls Project was getting along.  And the answer is: he’s smashing it! as you can see from the pictures below.  Pixel Pancho is going to be in residence all this week working on his wall and some canvases (which I’m looking forward to seeing too), so I’ll post some images of the finished piece at the weekend.

Dublin Contemporary 2011

Posted in Art work, Graffiti, Photography by Richard on October 5, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to fly and to Dublin for a couple of days to document Prefab installing their work as apart of the ‘Dublin Contemporary 2011’ International Arts Exhibition.

More info on the event here

Now, who ever made up the lie that you don’t get a hang over from drinking Guinness in Dublin needs a good slap.

Paper Girl Newcastle – Distribution Day

Posted in Art work, Exhibition, Fixed Gear Bikes, Photography by Richard on September 13, 2011

After forgetting that I was supposed to be documenting the preview evening until I was on my way there, I thought I’d make a half decent attempt on capturing the actual distribution.

We loaded people up with bags of rolled up work.

And then sent them out riding around Newcastle to force it upon the public

Then we went to ate cake and turn our bikes into Scraper bikes.

See more here

‘Soul on fire’ production video.

Posted in Art work, HD Video by Richard on August 24, 2011

Just shot and edited a little video for my good friends over at Prefab77 of the work involved in the production of their latest print release ‘Soul on fire’.



Prefab77 ‘Soul on Fire’ from Rich Kenworthy on Vimeo.

Wor’ Kid!

Posted in Art work, Graffiti by Richard on June 28, 2010

Very big things have been happening (quite literally) on street art scene in Newcastle this week with the arrival of Kid Acne and a lot of paint.  The Sheffield based artist was the first of several ‘big names’ to come and throw some paint about as a part of the Hoults Yard Project this week.  For 3 long sunny days I took photos, climbed ladders, helped to paint the wall – and myself and all my kit with very sticky gloss paint, and wished for cups of tea when “there’s only water!”.


Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes, Graffiti by Richard on April 14, 2010

We went to Barcelona the other week with the fixed gears and had an awesome time if you haven’t already heard.  All the pics here were taken on my phone (as usual) as my DSLR stayed in the safe in my hotel room the whole time due to Barca’ being literally full of thieves, my habit of falling of my bike and breaking things (usually bones) and because I’ve not had the films from my lomo developed yet.  I’m saving the actual riding kind of shots for a post on when I pull my finger out and get it sorted, so ladies and gentlemen without further adieu I give you ‘Barcelona’

Do as your told!!

Posted in Art work, Exhibition by Richard on November 15, 2009

Just a quick update as some of you will have already seen these shots over on the Breaks of 10 blog but seeing as I took them and they are canny – especially as I only shot for 10mins, then went back to the car dumped the camera and grabbed the Ripper, for a night time spin before going back to the show.

Words have never been my forte so please follow the links at the bottom of the post to read what the heck this is all about.



























Breaks of 10

Thomas Street Post Office



Where sheep go to die……. (according to the locals)

Posted in Art work, Graffiti by Richard on November 8, 2009

and where the Agents of Change go and paint.

Recently myself and Danny from Breaks of 10 were told of some exciting goings on in Scotland at an abandoned village.  So I grabbed my camera while Danny revved up the 4×4 and a ROAD TRIP was on!!!  And what an experience it was –  awesome art work in what resembled a post apocalyptic gulag, but set amongst the beauty of the west coast of Scotland.

Head over to the Breaks of 10 blog for more info into the artists and the history of the site after you have checked out the photos of the trip below.

Full Gallery from the trip is here










Full Gallery from the trip is here


Posted in Art work, Exhibition by Richard on October 13, 2009

Obviously I love taking photos (which is why I do it as a job) and it’s great to be able to help out your friends.  So when Prefab77 asked if I could help them out by shooting some original images to be turned into artwork for their forthcoming show across the Atlantic I was never going to say no was I!!  Infact I was rather chuffed as I love their work.

All I can show you at the moment are some of the ‘sneaky preview’ shots that I took today in their studio of the pieces are being given the final finishing touches, but I can tell you that they do look fantastic!!





Full set here: