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Red Bull Mini Drome.

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes, Photography by Richard on October 4, 2011

Well, it was a long day, but what a day it was!!

Congratulations to Toms for not only winning but also setting a new world record in the process!!

A massive thanks to the lovely folks at Red Bull for asking me to shoot the event.

More photos of the day on my  Flickr


A bridge too far.

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on June 29, 2010

Last Sunday morning I hopped on the train with my camera and my bike and headed down to York to meet some of the nice folk who ride fixed gear in that neck of the woods, and take some pics at the ‘A Bridge Too Far’ alleycat.

Rest of the set here

Dualism Straps

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on April 19, 2010

I’ve been riding with these straps fitted since early February pretty much everyday and everywhere and I couldn’t be happier with them.  Hand made in Manchester by the very nice chap who is Richard Martins, and with probably some tea and biscuit based assistance from his other half Lei-Mai, they are a product of their love of riding fixed gear.

The straps themselves are a pretty simple but effective affair, with 2 heavy duty fabric straps running through the pedals and velcroing back onto themselves.  Yes there are loads of other ‘similar’ offerings out there – Jol, Hold Fast, Wig, etc but none of them do what these do at this price!  Not only are the well made with good materials, and they keep their shape really well making it super easier to get your feet in – no more reaching down to lift the straps up to get your feet in, but due to their ‘2 strap’ design you can adjust each length separately to get a perfect fit.

Get yourself some here

Blasting off the cobwebs

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on January 24, 2010

I’ve been dying to get back out into the countryside and do a half decent number of miles for what seems like ages now, especially as we’ve booked flights to Barcelona at the end of March to blast about on the bikes.  So with the snow finally gone (from the roads anyway) we hopped on the train to Corbridge yesterday and peddled back to Newcastle, and worked up a hunger for a pit stop at Bread Point for some meaty buns.

And then the sun appeared…

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on January 19, 2010

The weather over the last few weeks has been pretty bleak, I’m sure you’ll all agree.  But Old Man Winter seemed to bugger off for a few hours yesterday (probably down the bookies), it was possible to ride without a coat, beanie and 2 pairs of socks, and more importantly without the constant threat of smashing your face on the road.  So what else was I going to be doing other than this?

Once upon a time…

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on December 12, 2009

in a park not really that far away…..

With summer (and riding everyday with friends) being well and truely behind us for the next couple of months it’s time to have another look through the shots I took when I could wear shorts instead of thermals.

So first up from summer is a few of the shots that took one evening in Gosforth Park of the Newcastle Polo Team (??).  I’m personally not into playing, but it is fun to shoot. I’ll definitely go and take some more once the boys have found a new spot to play on over the winter, unless they decide to meet on a weekend.  I’d meant to post these just after I’d taken them, but the bottom line is I’m shit!

Enjoy the pics and the memories of better weather.


Old dogs and new tricks

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on November 27, 2009

I had actually been planning to upload some nice pics of art shows and people riding fixed gear over the weekend as I’ve been a little slack on blogging lately, so on Friday when Danny – my partner in crime/road trips/drinking coffee/slacking off and going for a bike ride suggested we work on our respective blogs at his place after a quick peddle around town and a spot of lunch I was never going to stay at home, was I.  Though, if I had a crystal ball……..

Just around the corner from Chez Hughes, the road outside Dance City is covered in the smoothest tarmac in Newcastle and when it’s been raining it’s like skidding down a hill made from butter with a hot knife for a back tyre, seriously it’s absolutely perfect for fixed gear skids (I expect to see more of you there from now on).  So after about 10 runs down this I decided to start jumping down the steps outside Barn Asia to save my back tyre a little, and this was my undoing.  Now I could lie and say I was going big and  dropping the sets of 6&7 steps but it wouldn’t be a good idea as my Karma is pretty bad already it seems.  Nope it was just the sets of 2/3 steps but on a fixie I don’t think that’s too embarrassing (hopefully).

1st run – nice and smoove.

2nd run – and the ground came up towards my face very quickly.

Over the bars onto the ground, with the bike following closely behind due to being still strapped in, landing like a sack of spuds dropped from a ladder entirely onto my elbow.  Not my finest moment in life, but   I didnt cry or puke (until the next morning with a hangover anyway). Why do things by half, when you can break them into 3 pieces just like my collarbone.

If you also fancy going and breaking your collarbone my top tip would be NOT to wear 3 layers of clothing that all have to come off over your head – painfully!!!

Aside from my huge appreciation of the NHS staff who knocked me out, cut me open, fixed me, gave me pain killers, knocked me out again, cut me open again, fixed me some more, gave me more painkillers, I’d just like to give massive thanks to Danny for taking me to A&E (and for the poppets while we were there), and to Stella for taking me back the next morning to meet the man who would slice me open and waiting around for several hours early doors on a Saturday, and finally to Chris for picking me up at 7am from home on a Sunday to take me back to the NGH for my 3rd visit in 3 days.

Breaks of 10/Penfield AW09 Shoot

Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on October 9, 2009

Recently I was stoked to get a call from the chaps over at the Breaks of 10 site about working with them on a nice little styling shoot for their site.  They had been sent some of the lovely AW09 Penfield range and wanted to shoot some original content in Newcastle, so I jumped at the opportunity.  Here are the results and we’re all pretty chuffed with them to be honest (and word has it that Penfield liked the shots to, so you never know…….)







Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on October 7, 2009

Right I’m sick to death of trying to get this post to layout properly so instead of crap stories and banter between photos here’s just a bunch of pic’s and you can use your perverted minds to just make up your ideas of what happened.


posh gaff

Tony's 35mm

ring pieces

shiney stuff

people watching


all roads lead to

on our own Tour of Britain

beers on the balcony

The sight of Dave without a hat on is even rairer than seeing me without one

how much has this turned into a 'lifestyle shoot'??





Good luck knicking these



Thrills and Spills

Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on September 13, 2009

So far so good with this blogging lark (in my opinion anyway), wish I could say the same for my physical state this weekend.

After a good night at the Cluny and The Head of Steam on Friday with the usual supsects involving too much alcohol, terrible dancing (from me anyway), Marc showing his bollocks to the lass Tom was on a first date with (he’s a terrible person at times), almost getting into a fight with a couple of scumbag charvers over a girl (ending with the police being called) followed by a drunken ride home,  Saturday was most definately a late starter.  When my hangover finally cleared up enough to let my ride into town I grabbed my camera and peddled off to hangout in the glorious sunshine and enjoy a free latte from the nice folks at Pret (cheers guys).

Tom’s a proper little poser when you point a camera at him.


Dave enjoying the sunshine and it’s effects on peoples clothing (or girls lack of)


Mr Ross, without his balls on show thank god


There’s no way I can afford to shoot film with my machine gun approach to photography

Tom with his lovely old school 35mm

So after after a pint in the sunshine, it seemed like a good idea to go to a house/roof terrace party with Tom, and after a few drinks there it also seemed like a good idea to go clubbing too. So after getting home at some stupid time in a stupid state and having 3 hours sleep I was out of the door again camera bag on my back riding down to meet up outside the Malmaison before heading along the river to Wylam to watch the Tour of Britain race.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or that I might have still been a little under the influence, or that God just thought it would be f*cking funny, I caught my pedal riding up a curb right by the quayside market and was sent head first over the handlebars (aided by my rediculously heavy camera bag) landing in a heap on  the pavement with my bike on top of me and almost wanting to cry with the pain coming from my ribs and left knee.  After hobbling into the coffee bar/deli at the Mal to hide from all the people who thought it was the funniest thing they had seen in ages and for a sausage sandwich I met up with my sympothetic mates (not in the slightest) and headed off up the Tyne a physical wreck


After some pissing about on the way, and even making some new friends, we finally got there and saw the tour riders

Tour of Britain through Wylam

Followed quite quickly by

pain reliefTo help with the pain!! honestly

From Wylam we headed back to Newcastle via Crawcrook, for those who have never visited it the best thing about it is the fact fact that the ride back to Newcastle is pretty much all down hill.  The second best is this sign

How quaint

Once back in town and having refueled on coffee and cake it was over to the lovely flat square outside Baltic for another fool around (on the bikes not with each other) and some more photos.


Tony working on his circus skills

Marc designs T-shirts, I don't know if he did this one tho

too easy

Dave finds riding backwards really easy, even pulling off backwards one foot endos!!!

maybe being tee total and therefore not hungover helps

So easy we had to build him a special bike just to give him a new challenge – front wheel drive fixed gear!!

custom build