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Prefab77 at the printers

Posted in Art work, Photography, Screen Printing by Richard on May 8, 2012

Long time friends, regular clients and co-conspirators Prefab77 recently asked if I would come with them to the printers as their latest edition of 5 new prints were expertly produced.  It’s always great to see artists work being produced in front of you, especially when it’s of such a high standard.

See more pictures and info on the new work here


‘Soul on fire’ production video.

Posted in Art work, HD Video by Richard on August 24, 2011

Just shot and edited a little video for my good friends over at Prefab77 of the work involved in the production of their latest print release ‘Soul on fire’.



Prefab77 ‘Soul on Fire’ from Rich Kenworthy on Vimeo.


Posted in Art work, Exhibition by Richard on October 13, 2009

Obviously I love taking photos (which is why I do it as a job) and it’s great to be able to help out your friends.  So when Prefab77 asked if I could help them out by shooting some original images to be turned into artwork for their forthcoming show across the Atlantic I was never going to say no was I!!  Infact I was rather chuffed as I love their work.

All I can show you at the moment are some of the ‘sneaky preview’ shots that I took today in their studio of the pieces are being given the final finishing touches, but I can tell you that they do look fantastic!!





Full set here: