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Prefab77 at the printers

Posted in Art work, Photography, Screen Printing by Richard on May 8, 2012

Long time friends, regular clients and co-conspirators Prefab77 recently asked if I would come with them to the printers as their latest edition of 5 new prints were expertly produced.  It’s always great to see artists work being produced in front of you, especially when it’s of such a high standard.

See more pictures and info on the new work here


Pixels of Pancho

Posted in Art work, Graffiti, Photography by Richard on March 6, 2012

So I’m just back from a nice little pedal down to Hoults Yard in Newcastle to see how the first artist in this years series of the White Walls Project was getting along.  And the answer is: he’s smashing it! as you can see from the pictures below.  Pixel Pancho is going to be in residence all this week working on his wall and some canvases (which I’m looking forward to seeing too), so I’ll post some images of the finished piece at the weekend.

Old camera, new photos

Posted in 35mm by Richard on November 14, 2011

I picked up a lovely little Ricoh 500G 35mm rangefinder at a carboot sale for the princely sum of………. £1.00!! The new battery for it cost me more!  I’ve shot a couple of films through it now with mixed results, on one hand the light leaks are lovely.  But on the other,  just realising now it’s a bit broken and it’ll only shoot in f16 when in shutter priority mode has been a bit of a bugger as I’ve lost some potentially nice shots. Oh well……

Wor’ Kid!

Posted in Art work, Graffiti by Richard on June 28, 2010

Very big things have been happening (quite literally) on street art scene in Newcastle this week with the arrival of Kid Acne and a lot of paint.  The Sheffield based artist was the first of several ‘big names’ to come and throw some paint about as a part of the Hoults Yard Project this week.  For 3 long sunny days I took photos, climbed ladders, helped to paint the wall – and myself and all my kit with very sticky gloss paint, and wished for cups of tea when “there’s only water!”.

In the sticks

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on May 29, 2010

I’ve been putting in quite a lot of miles recently just riding around Northumberland on my own except for a camera or two.  The beautiful countryside is criss-crossed with loads of smooth and practically empty lanes, with the occasional pub/cafe, perfect for cycling.

Every cloud…..

Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on February 8, 2010

has a silver halide lining.  Well it would if I wasn’t such a lazy photography and didn’t keep using my iPhone as my main camera when out and about on my bike.

Yesterday had all the potential of being a total waste of a day,  the weather was grim, nobody wanted to ride, and my head felt like Sailor Jerry himself was in there hammering nails into the deck of his boat.  But I hate sitting about feeling sorry for myself and not being at least a little productive, so with a head as foggy as the weather outside I went for a peddle around the city.

And I’m really glad I did.

12 Hours

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on January 30, 2010

4am to 4pm today as seen through my iphone.

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Blasting off the cobwebs

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on January 24, 2010

I’ve been dying to get back out into the countryside and do a half decent number of miles for what seems like ages now, especially as we’ve booked flights to Barcelona at the end of March to blast about on the bikes.  So with the snow finally gone (from the roads anyway) we hopped on the train to Corbridge yesterday and peddled back to Newcastle, and worked up a hunger for a pit stop at Bread Point for some meaty buns.

And then the sun appeared…

Posted in Fixed Gear Bikes by Richard on January 19, 2010

The weather over the last few weeks has been pretty bleak, I’m sure you’ll all agree.  But Old Man Winter seemed to bugger off for a few hours yesterday (probably down the bookies), it was possible to ride without a coat, beanie and 2 pairs of socks, and more importantly without the constant threat of smashing your face on the road.  So what else was I going to be doing other than this?

Sleep when you’re dead….

Posted in Uncategorized by Richard on December 19, 2009

or until lunch time the next day anyway.

I’ve been shooting quite a bit of club night type stuff  lately for Red Bull and close friends who are promoters.  There’s actually some nice shots amongst the usual drunk people shots that I pretty pleased with and thought it would be a shame not to share with you.

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